Soul Journeys is a facilitated client-centered visualization and body-sensing method to bring peace, healing, and transformation. 
During your session, I use a synthesis of techniques that allow you to communicate with your intuitive self and subconscious mind, including Somatic Therapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Neurolinguistic Programming, and Interactive Guided Imagery.  You will be relaxed, yet awake and participating the entire session.  Most sessions are two hours at a charge of $100 per hour.  Many clients find it helpful to do a series of 3-5 sessions, but it's not necessary as each session is a complete piece of work.  I can meet with you in person in your home or office or over the phone.

Taking a Soul Journey will help you: 

  • uncover intuitively healing images
  • release physical discomfort and disease
  • relax
  • heal emotional hurts and traumas
  • rescript old experiences with new endings
  • transform painful memories and regrets
  • re-establish your connection with nature and the universe
  • integrate healthier images into the unconscious
  • rehearse desirable outcomes for the future  

This method is called RIM - Repatterning Images of the Mind.  Visit the RIM website to learn more about this innovative approach:
My practice is open to all issues.  I have worked with all kinds of pain and injuries in the body, serious illness (cancer, Alzheimer's disease, brain tumors) emotional issues (overcoming fear, unblocking anger and hurt), childhood trauma (child abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional neglect), intergenerational healing (making peace with parent who has died, expressing anger and hurt related to a parent), body image, finding success in relationships, preparation for major events (taking the GRE, theatrical performance), finding purpose in life, achieving goals, gaining confidence, and finding answers. 

Julie Murphy Seavy is a CERTIFIed RIM Facilitator

After a twenty-year career as an attorney and organizational developer, as well as a lifetime of caring for and serving others, Julie began a more in-depth personal transformation.  This quest for greater self-awareness took her through many amazing holistic healing experiences.  Taking the next step to become a Certified RIM Facilitator was a wonderful way to bring healing to others and continue her own journey.  Julie's practice involves working with clients one-one-one, as well as facilitating family and group sessions.  In addition to her guided visualization practice, Julie is an artist, interior designer, singer, and poet.      

Julie is a firm believer in the infinite goodness of the universe, the beauty and inherent wholeness of all living things, and the power of the mind/body connection.  She strives to be in this moment and to love and respect all.  Julie looks forward to helping you take a journey to your soul toward healing, dreaming, transforming, and creating.