The items shown here are examples only.  I may or may not have these items on hand at any given time as each piece is handmade.  Small glass pieces can generally be made within 2-3 weeks.  Larger glass works and commissioned paintings of course take much longer.  


I accept commissions and am happy to work with you to create artwork to suit your needs and color palette.  Please feel free to communicate with me directly.


All glass measurements are approximate.

Breakage or Damage

Each handmade glass piece is one-of-a-kind, fragile, and irreplaceable.  I hope it brings you much enjoyment!  Should you break or damage it, I am happy to make a similar replacement at the original price.  If it is only slightly damaged and you save the broken glass, I will do my best to repair it at an hourly rate.  Most pieces unfortunately cannot be repaired though due to their three-dimensional nature.

Mailing Glass

Mailing glass requires special care. I am happy to package and mail for you at the cost of packing supplies, postage, and insurance. Should your item arrive broken, please contact me within 24 hours to file a claim.  If you pack and/or mail on your own, you assume all liability.