Interior Design Services

For renovation/remodeling/new build projects, I will work with your architect or construction company to ensure that you get the result you’ve been dreaming of.  There are many decisions to be made from the initial design concepts to choosing the faucets.  I can do as much or as little as you need me to do.

For example, you may want a brainstorming session at the beginning of your process or maybe a written plan that gives you a detailed road map for moving forward.  Or you may want me to accompany you to meetings with your architect or help choosing the finish materials used in your home.  Some want me to be the project manager for the entire project.  Others need help with specific aspects.  We will come up with an arrangement that meets your needs.

One of my specialties is designing existing spaces for new uses and open concept living by removing or repositioning existing walls and other architectural features to create a new interior feel.  Surprising results leave homeowners falling in love with their homes all over again.

I'm also a pro at interior decor!  I like finding out what makes you comfortable, happy, gives you energy or calm, makes life easier and more organized.  All within a predetermined budget, I will purchase furnishings and accessories to compliment the overall design of your space and install them as the final step of your project.

Redesign Services

For redesign services I work primarily with your existing furniture and accessories, scouring your home for “lost treasurers” and looking for new ways to use items you already have.  I will likely purchase a few new accessories and perhaps suggest new paint colors to redesign your space, all within a set budget.

I work as a consultant on an hourly basis and pass all of my interior designer discounts on to you.  I never take a commission on products or a mark-up on subcontractors.  

I want you to have the benefit of the lowest prices POSSIBLE and all discounts.