Julie murphy seavy

Julie takes inspiration from the raw materials of her craft to design and create sculpture, large installation pieces, vases, bowls, and other decorative and functional glass works. Coming from a background in interior design and oil painting, and a love of nature and music, she infuses her art with color and a natural flow of energy and texture.

Using her artistic vision, Julie also works with interior design clients to develop livable and beautiful spaces through her company Bella by Design.  In addition, she is a trained facilitator in a method called RIM.  RIM is a whole person visualization and body-sensing system that allows people to improve their lives.  See the tabs above for Bella by Design and Soul Journeys if you want to learn more.  

Julie has a BA from the University of Colorado in American Studies and a JD from the University of Denver. She enjoyed practicing law for more than twenty years and being a mom to two awesome people.  She and her husband Bob live in downtown Denver. Julie says, "what fun to get to do all these wonderful things in one lifetime!" 


Gallery Mio, Denver, Colorado (October 2009)

Seamark Arts, Deer Isle, Maine (August 2010)

Park East, Pueblo, Colorado (December 2010-March 2011)

Motion Studies, Glass Artists of the Pikes Peak Region Annual Juried Show, Manitou Springs, Colorado (June - August 2011)

Holiday Art & Artisan Show, Denver, Colorado (November 2011)

Lakewood Cultural Center Annual Juried Holiday Show, Lakewood, Colorado (November - December 2011)

American Dreamers Holiday Artisans, Littleton, Colorado (November 2011 - January 2012)

Studio 8 Art Show, Denver, Colorado (November 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Artist in Residence juried gallery, St. Albans, Vermont (September 2016 - March 2017)

South End Arts, juried Holiday Art Hop, Burlington, Vermont (December 2016 - January 2017)

Taller Than The Trees, Prism Workspaces, Denver, Colorado (November 3, 2017)

Edge Gallery, Mo Print Show, Lakewood, Colorado (March, 2018)


current retail

Willow Artisan Market, Old Town Littleton, Colorado

A Touch of Colorado, Bel Mar, Colorado  


Haystack Mountain School, Deer Isle, Maine (August 2011), porcelain hand-building and surface techniques with Kevin Snipes

Painted Platter, Denver, Colorado (January 2012 - April 2015), class instructor kiln-formed glass techniques, special glass projects, and acrylic painting on canvas

Modern Creatives Blog, blinkphotographyinc, featured artist (September 2015)

Delphi Glass annual catalog, featured artist (2015-2016)


The type of glass technique Julie uses is called kiln-forming or warm glass. Using a kiln to heat glass or glass pieces into objects is an ancient method dating back to 2000 BCE.  In the kiln-forming process, the piece is designed using a variety of approaches common to all art, including cutting and shaping various types, sizes, and colors of glass, application of metallic, glass or enamel-based paints and other substances to the glass surfaces, and composing the piece taking into account the layers and desired outcome.  

Then using an electric kiln, the work is fired under carefully controlled circumstances, up to temperatures of 1800 degrees, over a period of 24 or more hours.  Sometimes up to five firings may be required to achieve the sought-after appearance and form. Other processes may also be employed along the way, including grinding and sanding with diamond tools, and adding more glass. 

Julie uses nothing but the highest quality raw materials, including professional art glass and glass products developed for the art and architecture community, as well as glass products she makes herself.


All designs by Alchemy Fine Glass LLC are owned and copyrighted by Julie Murphy Seavy and may not be used or copied without written permission.